Legionella Monitoring

At Aliksir we sit at the interface between biology and sensing. In this note we discuss why we are interested in the continuous monitoring of legionella bacteria for the prevention of  Legionnaires' disease.


It  is known that our building pose a health risk to us from the water systems, specifically from the legionella bacteria. To know whether there is a risk the legally responsible people of public and private buildings have to monitor these water systems for the bacteria; this is currently done by a 'tap-test' where a water sample is taken and sent off for  testing in a lab.  The issue with this is three fold:


1) Too expensive - it requires an onsite visit, the taking of a sample, the sample being sent to a lab, the lab result going back to the person responsible, the person responsible understanding the result and taking appropriate action.


2) Too late - if a water system has the legionella pathogen then often the first anyone knows is as people fall sick.


3)  No warning – the tap test has no way of warning or alarming that pathogen are present or growing.

At Aliksir our scientists and engineers help with the development of fast legionella tests, as the detection of these pathogens is not a nice to know it is a legislative necessity across the globe.


If you are interested in collaborating with Aliksir on immediate and continuous detection of legionella bacteria please don't hesitate to contact us.