14. December 2019
This week Aliksir was at Genesis in the QEII Conference Centre, where we discussed our core technology of low cost sensing for biological analytes. Please see the video to see our summary.
03. December 2019
Aliksir has launched an analysis service for CBD using HPLC.
29. November 2019
This week Aliksir were at the UK Medical Diagnostics Summit in Manchester. Thank you for talking to us there.
27. November 2019
This week the Aliksir team was at the National Medtech Expo in Milton Keynes. In this short video we highlight the topics we discussed, please don't hesitate to contact us at Aliksir.
16. October 2019
Aliksir is growing as can be seen from this afternoon's busy lab.
10. October 2019
This week Aliksir was presenting at Cambridge University's CDT Sensor Day. We were talking about Aliksir's technology for immobilizing antibodies to electrodes.
05. August 2019
At Aliksir we sit at the interface between biology and sensing. In this note we discuss why we are interested in the continuous monitoring of legionella bacteria for the prevention of Legionnaires' disease. It is known that our building pose a health risk to us from the water systems, specifically from the legionella bacteria. To know whether there is a risk the legally responsible people of public and private buildings have to monitor these water systems for the bacteria; this is currently...
25. July 2019
Aliksir will be exhibiting at three events this year in the UK with our sister company Aliksir, click the button below to come and meet us.