Sensing Products

The kits on this page are intended to kickstart research or product development where the scientist, engineer, developer or biologist can take any antibody that they have designed or identified and without the use of reagent bind them to the pre-activated  biosensor. Upon binding of the antibody to the biosensors the sensors will now be specific to their antigen.

Activated Sensors

pack of 20 electrodes

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This activated sensor kit is intended to allow developers to immobilize their antibodies onto the electrodes in order to develop their own biosensors. The sensors have a surface of recombinant A/G  and so the developer/biologist can immobilise their antibodies onto the electrode surface without additional coupling reagents.

The use of the Aliksir kit is a 4-step process as described below.

STEP ONE - The electrodes from Aliksir are functionalized with a recombinant protein A/G and so are functionalized and are ready for binding to your antibody. The electrodes are ready to go and so you are able to start using them out of the box.

STEP TWO - Within the  kit are the instructions on the reagentless binding of your anti-body through their conserved Fc region. This is the most convenient method by which you can bind your antibodies to the electrodes.

STEP THREE - Having functionalized the electrodes with your antibody you can now add your antigen and the two will bind as you have intended.

STEP FOUR- Finally the degree of antigen and antibody interaction can be monitored by the use of one of the reporter molecules in the Aliksir kit.